Spotlight: Jason Krug

Co.Mill Member: Jason Krug

Implementation Manager at Procore Technologies

The Co.Mill is a place that attracts all sorts of entrepreneurs and business people, and gives them a chance to collaborate and make connections. While some members have started are are growing their own business, other members like Jason Krug are part of larger companies that have employees working all over the country.

Jason grew up in La Crosse and graduated from UW-La Crosse with degrees in Economics, Political Science, and Public Administration. He gain job experience through the university that helped him reach the job he currently has. He was living in Minnesota for a time because the company has a support office there, but found that he wanted to return to La Crosse. His company, which is based out of California, was looking into finding some office space for him, and their searching with local realtors eventually led them to the Co.Mill.

Jason has been a member here at the Co.Mill for around 6 months, and is really happy to be able to utilize the features that come with the space and a membership. He was originally working from home, like other members, and found that having a space outside of the home to call his own would be more beneficial. He enjoys the social aspects of the space such as having friendly fellow members and being able to have meaningful conversations with everyone in the space. His job requires him to be on the phone with customers a lot of the time, so having that private office space becomes crucial to getting his job done. The company he works for is also based out of California, so when he has to travel, it's nice to know that this is a secure and safe place to leave for longer periods of time.

The Company Jason works for is different in relation to others in the Co.MIll in that it is not based in La Crosse. Procore is a California-based company that specialized in could based software solutions. This basically means that they offer management software for construction companies and projects. The company's services allow construction projects to stay on track and get things done though digital and technological means not just through paper and documentation. The business has seen success lately, and in the future Jason hopes to be a part of their expansion. They are looking to create central offices in Texas and New York, as well as develop smaller satellite offices in La Crosse and other smaller cities. When it comes to business and life, Jason tries to always keep a positive attitude. If something doesn't work out in his favor, he tends to say "life goes on", and tries to learn from mistakes. It's some mistakes that helps us to become better people.

When Jason isn't working, he tries to enjoy all that La Crosse has to offer. One of his favorite places is Main Street in La Crosse. There's the Downtown Area, where the Co.Mill is conveniently located, and that has all sorts of cool shops and other small businesses to shop around in. The road ca take you all the way down to the Mississippi River, or up to Grandad's Bluff. It's a perfect mix of city and nature.

If you wish to contact Jason, all of his information is below!

Contact/About Information:

Jason Krug

Implementation Manager

Procore Technologies

(805) 617-4617

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