This Week In Business (week of April 11th, 2016)

Apple Without the Apple?:

Recently Apple has been creating new prototype stores that have some minor as well as some significant changes to them. These stores have been popping up in a few places all over the country, so consumers can tell Apple what they think. One of the biggest changes that has people talking, is no Apple logo on the front of the store. It’s nowhere to be found. Some, like Hispanic Marketing director Carlos Arambula, say that “by excluding the logo Apple is welcoming other brands to appropriate the look and feel of Apple retail locations”. Others argue that Apple stores are so signature, that customers know they are walking past an Apple store without needing a sign. So will this work in the company’s favor? Time will tell.

Zappos Workers Rejoice:

Zappos is one company that is encouraging its employees to think outside the box, and bring some of their own ideas to the table. What makes them unique? Last year, CEO Tony Hsieh decided to start a “holacracy”. This means that there are no managers; employees with new ideas have the ability to be promoted into a department they are potentially meant to be in. One employee notes that he went from answering phone calls to planning and marketing company events. Is this plan ideal for all businesses? Many people didn’t agree with the change, but in some businesses this may be the way to go.

Well This is Awkward:

Ever have an extremely uncomfortable conversation with a coworker? Chances are you're not alone. New statistics show that in many work conversations, both parties feel uncomfortable and defensive even. There is a negative connotation that comes with certain work conversations, but this shouldn’t be the mindset. Having a positive attitude and knowing that the other person is pretty likely to be just as uncomfortable can allow for more understanding and a more productive conversation for both parties involved.

Superhero’s and Business:

In relation to the Batman vs. Superman movie that was recently released to theaters, one article discusses how most superheros give us advice that can be very applicable to your job and workplace. For example, Iron Man tells us to always keep up with the latest technology which can propel a business forward. Superman tells us to know our weaknesses, accept them, and work to step outside these weaknesses. The list goes on!

Dog Cafe? About Time!:

Lately there have been talks of cat cafes popping up in different parts of the world; Japan even has an owl cafe! But the day has come where we finally get a dog cafe. Dog Cafe LA opened its doors to the public last Thursday, and hopes to make a difference in the community. The cafe, which is owned by Sarah Wolfgang, was inspired by her trips to dog cafes all over Korea. Not only is the cafe great for some coffee and puppy love, but since the it works with local shelters, all the pups are available for adoption. All the dogs get a greater chance of finding their forever homes!

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