Business Round-Up: Week 3 of March 2016

Fitness Is Key… For Your Growing Business:

Recent statistics have shown that Americans are spending more time looking at computer and phone screens than doing anything else, including exercising. We are becoming extremely unhealthy, both physically and mentally. Yet more and more people are looking to do new and exciting activities; ones that promote fitness but also give you that adrenaline rush. Entrepreneurs and business owners are taking advantage of this trend. Companies like GoPro and CircusTrix promote extreme activities like skydiving, trampoline jumping, and other exercises you would see on American Ninja Warrior as a way to get people away from those screens, but to also make a profit.

Get That Business Started!:

According to entrepreneur Wayne Jackson, now is the best time to start that business you’ve been itching to get to work on. Many have speculated whether this is the case, especially with the recent inconsistencies in the stock market. However, Jackson says “I argued then and I argue now, quality ideas are going to be appealing to investors regardless of the market climate”. Is this true? After all, Jackson launched a network security company, and ran another, in the midst of the recession years, and he did just fine. Maybe taking his advice isn’t a bad idea.

Know When to Quit Those Formalities:

There’s a time and place for formalities, especially when it comes to email. Sometimes writing a really formal email over and over again to the same boss, coworker, or client can become tedious and lose its meaning. This article is all about how to be formal in an email, when to be formal, and knowing when you don’t have to be. A lot of it comes down to timing, and what your gut is telling you to do. Have you met the person face to face? Are they a total stranger? Each situation is different, and should be treated differently.

Take A Deep Breath:

Do you feel your energy running low at work? Does this happen often? One study shows that it could be due to the air you’re breathing in. AIr quality in your office or work space, especially if there are no open windows, can become filled with carbon dioxide, which can lower productivity rates by up to 50 percent. This study gives you all the more reason to take a break, step outside, and breath in some nice oxygen-filled air. It can give you the extra boost you need to get stuff done.

Which Category Are You?:

Some believe that in the future, most business and different organization will fall under one or more four distinct categories, all of which are based on factors such as type of work, strategy, technology, talent, etc. This is partly due to the fact that organizations today are becoming much more versatile. They are expanding globally and through the use of technology and social media. They are becoming “boundary-less”. But are these four categories a good thing? Or will they completely change the way we as humans conduct business?


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