5 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Office Space.

For many people, coming to work only to sit in a boring and dull office can become a chore, or something that you're really not looking forward to each day. However, personalizing your space or making it into a more creative and motivational atmosphere can really boost your mood and makes working a lot more fun! Here are some tips for creating a space that is perfect for you.

1. Add a plant or two: Since dogs or other pets are generally not allowed in office spaces, other smaller living things should do! Adding a group of smaller succulents or bamboo plants can brighten up the workspace and bring in some more positive energy.

2. Change the lighting: Office lights can become extremely harsh on the eyes over time. If possible, try adding some warmer lighting with a small lamp or some string lights to make the space that much more comfortable for you.

3. Make a quote/photo wall: Personalizing your space with pictures of family and friends often be the right touch. Otherwise, designating a wall for some of your favorite motivational and inspirational quotes can add color and decoration to your wall, but also help push you to get things done each day.

4. Treat yourself! Having an especially busy day or a hectic week? Take a break and treat yourself with some candy or a snack. Having a small container of your favorite chocolate or some other sweet treat may not be the healthiest option, but it will make those busy days that much better!

5. Organization is key: Staying organized can really help you stay productive. Adding some extra storage space under or around a desk, if the space is available, can help you avoid clutter on top of your desk so you can know what to prioritize.

There are countless other creative ways to personalize a work space to promote productivity and positive thinking. These few tips are some first steps you can make to creating the space you desire and want to work in.

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