Start your road to recovery now with the CO.STARTERS Rebuild Program.

This live-facilitated program will help you refocus your business, stabilize it, and build toward long-term recovery. Working with a dedicated group of like minded peers, you’ll cover topics relevant to the current COVID-19 challenges in a series of ten 2.5-hour sessions.

Rebuild La Crosse Begins September 2nd, 2020


If you are an existing small business or entrepreneur who is…

  • Losing business and customers due to COVID-19

  • Struggling to figure out how to move forward

  • Feeling isolated and needing support

  • Looking for more than immediate assistance

  • Serious about doing what it takes to save your business

  • Looking for ways to re-open your business better and stronger than before

…we are here to help.

Rebuild Crawford County Begins September 17, 2020

Click Here to see a video from one of the CO.STARTERS Founders with a message about REBUILD.


Why is the program so long?

  • If you are serious about saving your business but don’t know what to do, Rebuild is well worth the time. The approach we use with Rebuild is a trusted model of providing deeper support for a longer period of time, which helps reduce overwhelm and allows entrepreneurs to tackle issues one step at a time with valuable peer support.

If I can't commit to the full program, can I participate in part of it?

  • Rebuild is for committed entrepreneurs who want and need help, and a commitment to all sessions is required. We believe your well-being and your business are priorities, and we trust you’ll find the few hours you spend each session with your peer group working on your business problems together will become one of the most valuable and fulfilling parts of your routine.

What if I don't have regular access to technology?

  • The live sessions for Rebuild are delivered virtually to any desktop or mobile device. Participants also receive a physical workbook delivered by direct mail to make it easier for them to work through the sessions and complete field work in between. We and our host partners will make every effort to get you connected to digital access to participate in the live sessions. If this is a concern for you, please let us know in your application.

I thought this was free. What's with this $30 fee?

  • We understand the difficult financial circumstances small business owners have been placed in due to this pandemic, and it is our primary goal to make these valuable resources as accessible as possible. This program has a value of $550 per participant and that leaves us with costs that need to be covered. We've been working extremely hard to use grant funding and sponsorships to ensure the vast majority of that cost is on us and not you. The $30 fee will only be kept if you are unable to finish the program. If you remain in the program until it's complete, the fee will be promptly refunded. 

What if I don't live in La Crosse or Crawford Counties? Can I still participate?

  • Yes! This program is delivered virtually, so the geography is of little concern to us. Over the years we've established multiple CO.STARTERS sites in South Western Wisconsin. Our facilitators for these two cohorts will be individuals from La Crosse and Crawford Counties, but all are welcome.