B and E’s Trees

A maple syrup farm company that ages their syrup in bourbon barrels for a unique twist on a classic taste. 



Shade Haven

Shade Haven created an innovative solution to prevent heat stress in livestock during summer grazing.  Their mobile shading unit offers relief to animals and helps farmers control grazing patterns.



Coulee Region Moving Services

This moving company has been servicing customers all over the Coulee Region since 2014.

Meringue Bakery

A La Crosse based dessert shop specializing in event cakes such as weddings and graduations.


The Root Note

A local organic café serving delicious crêpes, coffee, and craft beer to La Crosse patrons.


Prairie La Crosse

This vintage clothing store brings a bold and nostalgic style to the Coulee region.        

Full Circle Supply

Working towards a more environmentally conscious future is the goal of Full Circle Supply. They offer a variety of organic, fair trade, and sustainably produced personal care and cleaning products.      


Elevate Media Group

A multi-media company assisting clients with services such as video/audio production, graphic design, creative marketing, and post-production services.


Orange Computer Solutions

OrangeComputer will assist you with laptop and computer repair, technology questions, and recommendations towards future tech purchases!