What is Launch La Crosse?

LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN is a community dedicated to supporting small and growing businesses at every step of the way.


LAUNCH LA CROSSE connects aspiring, emerging and established businesses in La Crosse County to a network of entrepreneurial resource providers who can help with entrepreneurial training, business planning, capital resources, grants, financing, market research, site selection and access to networking and mentors. This initiative is designed with specific components and resources to grow and support local businesses with everything they need to get their business off the ground or to take it to the next level.

LAUNCH LA CROSSE partners also offer resources for businesses suffering due to COVID-19, including the LAUNCH LA CROSSE RESILIENCY PROGRAM.  

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Launch La Crosse Resiliency Program

The Small Business Resiliency Fund will provide grants up to $5000 to small, locally owned businesses with 1‐30 employees within La Crosse County. The goal of this fund is to provide support for businesses executing projects to increase resiliency and sustainability amidst new market conditions brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic and sustained public health concern. Some examples of uses of these funds include:

  • Working with a consultant specializing in e-commerce, the resiliency fund aims to support local businesses looking to engage in new online markets. Small business owners who have considered making this shift in their business model or using online markets to enhance revenue but have been intimidated by the financial commitment of platform fees and shipping materials are especially encouraged to apply. We’ve got the resources and back-end support necessary to allow applicants to test online markets without the intimidating commitment.


  • Restaurants who have or are preparing outdoor dining options to safely serve their customers during the warmer months are also encouraged to apply. The Launch La Crosse Resiliency Fund can assist with acquisition of equipment such as fencing, tables and chairs, heaters, etc. To apply click here.