CouleeCO.STARTERS is a program offered by Couleecap Inc, a local non-profit. As a community-oriented organization with a stellar reputation in our area, you can trust that our ultimate goal is to provide our community with great resources, including this one. As such, we have priced this program to be financially viable for us, but more importantly, financially reasonable for entrepreneurs in our area.

The cost of the program for most entrepreneurs will be $300, which is a bargain considering all you'll get from this training, and the fact that this program costs much more (up to $1000) in some communities.

But we are committed to making sure this program is affordable to all who want to participate, so we have discounted rates for income qualified entrepreneurs. In addition to the discounted enrollment rate, we also give enrollment preference to low to moderate income entrepreneurs. If you have any questions, please call 608-797-5746